Executive Council

President: Julia Largent Kuttler, McPherson College, president@mpcaaca.org

Vice President and President-Elect:  Cory Barker, Bradley University, vicepresident@mpcaaca.org

Immediate Past President: Cortney Cronberg Barko, West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Program Chairperson: Pam Wicks, Aurora University, mpcaaca@gmail.com

Program Vice-Chair: Shanna Gilkeson, Eastern Michigan University

Program Vice-Chair: Scott Chappuis, Concordia University Ann Arbor

Student/New Professional Representative: Delana Price, University of Kansas, gradnewprof@mpcaaca.org

Marketing and Web Communications Chair: Nick Bestor, University of Nevada Reno

At-Large: Aisha Powell, Morgan State University

At-Large: Sumitra Srinivasan, University of Toledo

At-Large: Charles Coletta, Bowling Green State University

Awards Coordinator: John Dowell, Independent Scholar

Webmaster: Matt Kneller, Aurora University, webmaster@mpcaaca.org

Conference Coordinator: Paul Booth, DePaul University

Editor, The Popular Culture Studies Journal: CarrieLynn Reinhard, pcsj@mpcaaca.org