FAQ & Policies

Frequently-Asked Questions

Should I submit an abstract or a full paper for my individual submission?
Either are acceptable. Even if you submit a full paper, you should also include an abstract. The recommended length for abstracts is 250-500 words.

Why do I have to pay my membership by September 15th to be in the printed program?
Each year, we have many presenters who do not show up for their presentations. Some of these presenters proposed papers to the conference and then decided not to come. Some, unfortunately, never intend to come. Either way, we often have several rooms’ worth of panelists who do not show up. Each room costs us significant funds in AV costs, so we’re working to contain those costs to minimize the registration fees for the conference.

What is included in my registration?
Your registration to the conference includes attendance at various receptions and featured speakers, food at some of the conference-sponsored events at the hotel, and networking opportunities. It also includes admission to social events such as our Game Night and Pub Quiz events.

Am I required to stay at the conference hotel?
No, but you help out the organization and help keep fees as low as possible when you do. Our organization must often fill a minimum number of rooms at the hotel in order to avoid additional expenses. Please stay at the conference hotel if possible.

Can you help me find a roommate for the conference?
We love it when you find people to room with, but the organization cannot locate or suggest roommates. You are encouraged to use social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) or your personal network to find people to stay with.

What if I missed the program deadline?
Contact us immediately. You may still be able to be in the printed program. Even if you miss the deadline for the printed program, you can still attend. You will be scheduled in a “Pop Culture Roundup” panel with, when possible, similar papers. Your name will appear in the digital version of the program put online after the conference. You will not appear in the printed program.

Do I have to join the MPCA to present?

Do I have to register to present?

I’m already a member of PCA/ACA. Do I need to join MPCA too?
Yes. We get no financial support from PCA/ACA.

I paid my membership on time. Will I still have to pay a late fee if I register late?
Yes. You must pay all your fees by the registration deadline to avoid the late fee.

Other Policies

Attendance: Please plan to attend the entire conference. If you absolutely, positively cannot attend the entire conference and need your presentation scheduled on a specific day, you must let us know when you submit your proposal. Panels will run at the following approximate times: 2:30-7:30 Friday, 8:30-6:15 Saturday, and 8:00-1:00 Sunday. We may begin at 12:45 on Friday if demand so dictates. Special events will include a reception on Friday evening and a luncheon and speaker on Saturday. These events, plus continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, will be free for conference registrants.

Organization designation: If you wish your presentation to be listed as Midwest American Culture Association (rather than Midwest Popular Culture Association), please include this request with your proposal.

Financial AssistanceTravel grants are available for graduate students. Otherwise, unfortunately, MPCA/MACA is not able to provide financial assistance to participants to defray costs of transportation, lodging, meals, registration, or any other expense.

Cancellation Policy: If you submit a proposal (or if you accept an invitation to appear on a panel), you are promising to attend the conference if your proposal is accepted and you are promising to pay the conference registration fee, the Association membership fee, and a late fee of $15 if applicable. If your proposal is accepted and you do not attend the conference, it is expected that you will

  1. Notify all members of your panel, your area chair, and the MPCA/ACA Executive Secretary of your cancellation
  2. Provide such notification as early as possible
  3. Arrange to have your paper distributed at the panel
  4. Arrange for somebody else to carry out any other duties you may have
  5. and Pay your membership and registration fees (plus late fee if applicable)

If conditions 1-5 are met, you may file a written request, after the conference, for a refund of half your registration fee. For coauthored papers, all authors are welcome and encouraged to attend, but only one author is required to attend.