Vol. 2, No. 1&2

PCSJ V2 Front Cover

The Popular Culture Studies Journal

Volume 2, Numbers 1 & 2, 2014

Editor: Bob Batchelor


EDITORIAL – All Me…All the Time
Bob Batchelor, pages 1-4
Relational Aggression on Film: An Intersectional Analysis of Mean Girls
Michaela D.E. Meyer, Linda M. Waldron, and Danielle M. Stern, pages 5-34
No Face: Implied Author and Masculine Construct in the Fiction of Junot Diaz
Josef Benson, pages 35-64
Frankenstein Performed: The Monster Who Will Not Die
Jeanne Tiehen, pages 65-86
Discipline and Policing: HBO’s The Wire as a Critique of Modern American Culture
Morgan Shipley and Jack Taylor, pages 87-108
Performing Ordinary: Politician’s Celebrity, & the Politics of Representation on Entertainment Talk
Sue Collins, pages 109-139
Communication Deficiencies Provide Incongruities for Humor: The Asperger’s-like Case of The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper
Karen McGrath, pages 140-171
Influence of Popular Television Programming on Students’ Perception about Course Selection, Major, and Career
Kristy Tucciarone, pages 172-193
Partisan Pop Cultural Awareness: Disclosing the Metaphoric Rhetoric of the “Culture Wars”
Jeremy V. Adolphson, pages 194-214
‘Social’ TV: Pretty Little Liars, Casual Fandom, Celebrity Instagramming, and Media Life
Cory Barker, pages 215-242
The Popular Culture Studies Journal Interview with George Edward Cheney
pages 243-255
The Stuart Hall Forum
pages 256-273
The Popular Culture Studies Journal Book Reviews
pages 274-322