The Popular Culture Studies Journal

The Midwest Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association (MPCA/ACA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new journal in the field of popular culture studies.

Aims and scope

Popular culture is at the heart of democratic citizenship. It serves as an engine driving technology, innovation, and information, as well as a methodological lens employed by the many fields that examine culture, often from an interdisciplinary perspective. Managed by The Midwest Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association (MPCA/ACA), The Popular Culture Studies Journal is an academic, refereed journal for scholars, academics, and students from the many disciplines that study America and American culture. The journal serves its membership and scholars globally who recognize and support its mission based on expanding the way we view popular culture as a fundamental component within the contemporary world.

Topics covered:

Based on analysis of the proceedings of the Midwest PCA/ACA and the national organization reveals that most popular culture scholars are interested in American-based:

  • Film
  • Music
  • Television
  • Sports
  • Celebrity Culture
  • Technology
  • Literature
  • Comics/Cartoons/Graphic Novels

However, many scholars approach these topics from an interdisciplinary perspective, which adds significant value over single-issue or more focused/specialized journals.

Interim Editor:
Paul Booth
Media and Cinema Studies
DePaul University